How to be sportained

Mit kannst du überall und jederzeit deine Lieblingssportart ausüben, ohne die sperrige Sportausrüstung mitbringen zu müssen. So geht's:

Create your account

Go to

and create your account. 

Get your
access code

Upon entering your payment information, you will receive an email or sms with your access code to open the compartment.

Have fun!

Take out the desired object and close the compartment again.

You can also open multiple compartments sequentially. Your code is valid for 24h. You will be charged based on time.

Please return the equipment

After use, please return the equipment to the same compartment. 

You will have to enter your code again.

Afterwards we will charge your credit card based on time.


"Very cool! ❤️"
“It is so cool that I can use these items and try out new sports I haven't played before.”
“Great selection of sports equipment”

Janine, years old

Noah, 6 years old

Luca, 22 years old

“The Sportainers are great! You're outdoors and feel like doing sports. The Sportainer comes in handy with all sorts of sports gadgets you can rent. There are even such crazy things as freeline skates ;-)”

Andi, 56

“Awesome idea! Now I don't have to carry a basketball with me, but can rent it on the spot instead.”

Yannik, 17 years old